About SA Biotech

SA Biotech is a private company that was started in 1997.  The business operates in South Africa and Is based in Johannesburg with offices at 130 Axle Road, Devland,  The company focuses on the marketing, sales and distribution of alternative sanitation solutions that are environmentally friendly. We currently represent : Jets Sanitary System (Norway), Battioni Pagani Pompe (Italy)

, Metaltecnica Valves (Italy) , Fluid Liner (Germany) and Jetting (France) and the Hybrid Toilet system (Australia). These solutions are what we term “Watersmart Sanitation” solutions. Recently SA Biotech started a small manufacturing plant where we manufacture slurry tankers for the agricultural sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a knowledgeable and trusted leader, in South Africa, for robust and reliable solutions that encourage the efficient and sustainable use of scarce water resources.  We plan to achieve this through the identification of technologies that contribute positively toward environmentally protective and socially responsible practices.